The ever-rapid growth of the online art world and independent artist showing their work on social media is having such a positive effect, as more and more aspiring collectors and art lovers are looking to buy art online for the first time. Gone are the days where the unapproachable art gallery is the only place to go looking. There has never been a better or easier time to consider buying art than looking to add it to your wedding gift list. Rise Art believe that considering starting an enriching art collection is not as hard or out of reach as you may think. They share their top tips and industry secrets to help get you started on how to navigate buying art online.

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Rise Art tips for buying art online

1. Get to Know The Artist

Do some research and get to know the artists that you are looking at, their background, where they exhibit, the ideas behind their work and most importantly, what they have planned for the future. There is no better or easier place to do this than online. Try looking for recent press or interviews to gain some more insight. This will ultimately give you a better overview of the artist and increase your connection and understanding of their work.

2. Browse, Browse, Browse

From the comfort of your home, without any exhausting travel trips, start browsing online galleries, blogs and platforms from around the world. Online is a vast and fantastic place where every type of art can be discovered with minimum effort. A quality art collection is always evolving and never static. The best way to get to know what you like or dislike, favourite styles, themes and trends is to look at as much art as possible. Still not sure? To help ease you into the unknown, there are plenty of services online that allow you to consult with a professional, like the Rise Art ‘Speak to a Curator’ service, which is completely free.

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3. Embrace Instagram

Instagram is the holy grail of all things visual right now. It’s a powerful tool that artists are using to great effect to showcase their work. Start following commercial and online galleries to discover the latest emerging artists and find hashtags to follow of styles and trends you love. The more time spent looking, the more you’ll get to know what you like or don’t like.

4. Look Out for ‘Try Before You Buy’ Services and Free Returns

Rise Art will let you trial artwork at home for a small rental fee before committing to purchasing it. Because you don’t have the opportunity to see a piece of art in the flesh when buying online, this service allows you to live with the piece in your home, making sure it’s perfect for you, without having to fork out upfront in full. Look out for free returns as well, that way you know if you don’t like something you can send it straight back at no extra cost.

Rise Art Artist in Studio

5. Ask the Experts

Having a guiding hand from an expert can be extremely useful - not only can they save you time by doing the hard work for you but often they will put pieces in front of you that you would not have found or even considered before. Rise Art’s ‘Speak to a Curator’ is perfect for this. They are there to give you added confidence, answer any of your questions and generally facilitate the often daunting step of purchasing artwork online – make sure you take full advantage! We always advise that you make sure to double check the dimensions of the piece, plus find out the shipping costs and logistics with the retailer so there are no nasty surprises. Most online galleries try to keep the costs as affordable as possible while still ensuring the work is properly protected and transported.

Buying Art – Ask the experts

6. Look for Limited Editions

Often major artists will produce runs of limited edition prints. These are a good way to ease yourself into collecting by acquiring the work of an established artist with a smaller financial commitment. The added bonus is, you can source these works online and purchase them unframed from galleries or artists around the world, meaning they will usually arrive rolled with minimum shipping costs. Of course, for added convenience Rise Art will also do the framing for you. When looking at buying editions always note the actual edition number, a run of 100 will provide more long-term value and exclusivity than a run of 1000.

limited edition artwork

7. Follow Your Gut

The golden rule for buying art online: follow your gut and buy what you love! Do not overthink it or try to identify the next breakout artist or invest purely for a monetary return. Art was not created to become an object of speculation. Instead, collect art that brings you joy and speaks to you personally - that is where the real value of collecting art lies, regardless of whether you are buying in person or online. If you follow these guidelines, do a little research, have the added comfort of discovering the art you love through reputable retailers like Rise Art, and choose from the heart, you will never be disappointed.

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Rise Art scours the globe for exceptional art in every medium, providing you with access to some of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, as chosen by their curators. They combine leading-edge technology and old-school expertise to make incredible artwork easily available to everyone. From established artists with an international reputation to emerging creatives on the cusp of their career, Rise Art is the place to discover great art to own and love forever.